I teach and study Triveni Yoga. Here is a little info on Triveni taken from their website. For a more complete understanding of the style, please visit the webpage.

What is Triveni Yoga?

Triveni is a vinyasa-based approach to yoga that combines asana and meditation with a focus on the subtle body to profoundly transform the practitioner inside and out. 

What does Triveni mean?

A triveni is a nexus. Triveni is a place where everything comes together. It is the Sanskrit word for the confluence of the three rivers. The full term, triveni sangam, refers to a specific place where the three sacred rivers of Yamuna, Ganges, and Sarasvati intersect in Allahabad, India. Triveni also refers to a particular sacred location in the body where the right, left, and central channels of the subtle energetic body join. Triveni is the place where the sacred places of the world and the human body intersect. Triveni is a turning point. Triveni is both microcosm and macrocosm.Triveni is where a sacred experience overtakes a mundane experience. Triveni is when you put yourself in a place that is most conducive for radical transformation.