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Sweet Dreams, Yoga for Insomnia

Insomnia is the inability to have a refreshing night’s sleep when you want and need it.  Stress, anxiety, depression and constant overstimulation contribute to insomnia, and all are part of the neuroses of modern living. It is estimated that millions of adults suffer from sleep deprivation, and the effects of it can range from frustrating to debilitating.  

Scientific research reports that yoga practices are a natural, drug free way to promote restful sleep and remedy sleep problems. In Sweet Dreams: Yoga for Insomnia, Shannon will teach you:

- Yogic lifestyle habits to set the stage for successful sleep

- Gentle active yoga sequences you can learn and do at home before bedtime

- Conscious relaxation techniques to use waking in the middle of the night

- Pranayama to support the relaxation of the nervous system

- Restorative yoga to soothe your senses before you fall asleep


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Yoga for Jetsetters

Drowsiness, daytime sleepiness, insomnia, lack of concentration, digestion problems, body aches and swelling are the collection of symptoms commonly called Jet-lag.  Jet-lag is an unfortunate reality for many modern business travelers, but many of its impacts on our body and mind can be reduced through proper self-care, stretching, simple yoga and massage. Join Shannon to learn strategies before travel, on the plane, and on arrival to reduce the impacts of long-distance travel on your body.

-Self-care habits to reduce impacts of jetlag

-Tips and Poses to do on the airplane 

-Gentle asana sequence to do upon arrival 

-Self-massage techniques for your hotel room 

-Restorative sequence for arrival

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