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Wilderness + Stillness: Minimalist Backpacking Course for Yogi's in the Ventana Wilderness

On Presidents Day 2019 weekend join myself and Duncan Cheung for Wilderness + Stillness, an incredible minimalist backpacking and yoga course in the Ventana Wilderness. In this rare opportunity we will learn essential light weight backpacking skills and integrate yoga practice to embody the practice of “Less is More.” We will carry what we need to survive. We will practice yoga in the grandeur of nature and connect with ourselves and each other to thrive. We will build community based on our wonder for nature, yoga and our ability to become self-reliant.

Our hiking destination.

Our hiking destination.

Duncan Cheung is the founder of Off Trail, On Track. Duncan is an expert backpacker and wilderness guide. He started Off Trail On Track to educate people about wilderness experience and to build an organization of advocacy for the outdoors. Prior to hitting the trail he will teach you about the essentials of how to prepare for this journey through education on gear, food prep, and logistics. He will educate and inspire us on the trail.


I will guide Yoga that is intuitive and inspired by the places we see, the connections we make with each other. My intention to put our attention on our ability to be resilient, grounded and open beings walking lightly on the Earth. Wilderness and Stillness are gateways to remember who we are. We will take time to self-reflect through journalling. I hope that you will join us for this special weekend of learning and connection.

Space is limited to 6 yogis. Scroll down for more details.

My son and I taking in Lake Tahoe

My son and I taking in Lake Tahoe

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This course requires:

An Application to attend

A trip Prep and Gear Workshop

Gear Prep and Food Planning Homework

If you are interested in applying, please email me to discuss logistics and details.

Course Schedule:

January 10th Application Closes

January 14th (tentative) 30-min Introductory Conference Call, (HW #1 Trip Conditions Reading)

January 23rd (tentative) Trip Prep and Gear Workshop (in person, Bernal Heights, SF)

January 23rd-February 3rd Gear Preparation and (HW #2 Shopping)

February 4 - February 14th Food Planning and Final Logistics (HW #3)

February 15th Arrive and camp at trailhead, ideally by 7:30pm

February 16th Day 1: Learn

February 17th Day 2: Practice

This course is being offered by donation. 100% of the profits from donations will be given to an NGO that supports wilderness preservation. More on that as we meet.