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Twilight Drawings: Free Artist Reception and Talk at Bernal Yoga

  • Bernal Yoga 908 Cortland Avenue San Francisco, CA, 94110 United States (map)

“Twilight Language” is an intricate system of symbolism that shrouds the true meanings of much of yogic written and visual material. Mantras, mandalas and sutras, use this symbolism to protect yoga’s deep and powerful teachings, making them incomprehensible to the casual observer. The true meaning of each lineage is passed “ParamParam,” lip to ear, lip to ear. They are passed from the lips of teacher, who understands and has mastered the teachings, to student’s receptive ears. The student’s job then is to practice well and reflect intensely upon them, and to integrate them into their life. Despite the requirement for intense effort and study, no teaching is to be taken by the student at face value. Each idea presented by the teacher is then tested by the student through logic, direct experience. For some the path of yoga is the process of learning, dissection, and meditation on the nature of reality and how to expand compassion for ourselves and the world. Through this investigation, the student can decide if the ideas are paths towards awakening.


The Twilight Drawings are my investigation, each piece explores a sutra or concept I’ve engaged. These drawings were done in the years that I first discovered Yoga through the lens of Buddhism. I spent my days practicing and teaching yoga, and studying the Yoga Sutra with my teachers, meditating and listening to hours and hours of teachings on Tibetan Buddhism. The intricacy of the line work captures the intensity of my study and represents hours of practice and reflection on those ideas. My investigations in turn drape the drawings in “twilight.” They hint at the symbolism in the yogic teachings. The artwork is the vessel for my concentration on a teaching or a mantra, or represents a flash of insight gained along the path.