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Meditation and Yoga Sutra Essentials

  • Bernal Yoga 908 Cortland Avenue San Francisco, CA, 94110 United States (map)

Wednesday evenings this August, join Shannon Bronson in discovering the practice of meditation through key transformational verses of Master Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra. The Yoga Sutra is the foundational text of Raja Yoga about what happens to a mind as it becomes enlightened through Yoga.

This month-long immersion will touch upon the foundational concepts of Yoga Philosophy on the self and the nature of reality as presented in the Buddhist reading of the Yoga Sutra. Meditation a critical complimentary practice that supports the clarity and focus of mind required to contemplate these pithy and powerful sutras and put them into practice in your life.

You will learn stillness meditation, energy visualization and compassion meditation. You will also learn practical steps to a successful meditation practice. Shannon will discuss how to sit with relaxed attention, how to set up your space, and a schedule for success.

It is requested that you will begin a month-long, daily meditation practice during this time, and journaling homework will be required.

Wednesdays 7:45pm-8:45pm

August 7, 14, 21, 28

Week 1: What is the Purpose of Meditation? Yoga Sutra Overview Shamata Meditation

Week 2: How, When and Where to Practice Meditation The Eight Limbs of Yoga & Yamas and Niyamas Blue Sky Meditation

Week 3: Consciousness, States of Mind and the Kleshas Five Winds Meditation

Week 4: The Four Immeasurables as Antidote to Kleshas Tonglen