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Mamma's Joy, Mamma's Challenge: Yoga, Art and Writing for Motherhood

  • 2004 Tom Miller Street Austin, TX, 78723 United States (map)
Illustration by Chelsea Larsson    @chelslarss

Illustration by Chelsea Larsson  @chelslarss

Conception.     Pregnancy.   Labor and Birth.     Motherhood.       Modern Life. 

The process of becoming a mother carries with it a tremendous complexity of celebration and life changing challenges. As we become mothers we link with the ancient chain of women warriors that have gone through this embodied transformation.  We also have a wholly individual experience as modern women. 

In this workshop we will use yoga to open to the our present experience as mammas and connect with the ancient chain of mothers. Then we create beautiful body maps made through writing and drawing. These maps are powerful tools to integrate our experiences as new and expecting mothers. Then we will share our maps and our stories. 

All Yoga, Drawing, Writing and Stages of Motherhood Welcome and Wanted.

Register for $40,  Send an Email to sign up