Designer and Illustrator

In my past life, I was an Urban and Landscape Designer.  Since leaving the profession I have used my skills to create yogic books and manuals. If you are interested in working together to create your own book please contact me and we can discuss your project!


Triveni Yoga 200 Hour Teacher Training Manual

Designer and Illustrator

Triveni Yoga is an internationally taught style of yoga that has its roots in Ashtanga Yoga and Buddhism.  The teacher training program is a rigorous month long immersion where trainees practice and learn to teach yoga, meditation, learn philosophy, sequencing, alignment and adjustments.  Before I joined Triveni's teacher training team, I designed and illustrated their 200 Hour Teacher Training Manual. I was happy to be able to use my design skills I developed in my Landscape Architecture training towards a living document that would help so many people deepen their understanding of yoga.  

The many hours I spent hand illustrating anatomical diagrams helped me solidify my understanding of the human body.  The time spent laying out the Yoga Sutras and Sanskrit deepened my personal experience and reflections on yoga philosophy. The thought that went into each asana grounded my knowledge of the poses and sequencing spread planted seeds for me to build fun and creative classes. It was an amazing project to work on, as I became intimate with what information was needed to form a beginning teacher, and how to clearly communicate that information.  It's a wonderful experience to go to China now to teach and see the document being used to create amazing new teachers.

Sample Spreads of the Triveni Yoga 200 Hour Teacher Training Manual. Cover Art and Yoga Sutra Graphic by Jessica Kung-Dreyfus.


Basic Sanskrit for Yogis

Designer and Illustrator

Sanskrit is the incredible language of Yoga that vibrates and sings ancient wisdom into a multi-layered tapestry of sound and meanings that describe the path to liberation. Most of the root philosophical Yogic texts are written in Sanskrit, and many of todays classes use it to call out poses and chant mantra. "Basic Sanskrit for Yogis" is a wonderful introduction to Sanskrit for the curious yogi. I worked with authors Jessica Kung-Dreyfus and Stéphane Dreyfus to design and illustrate this fun workbook. In the book the authors share the some history of Sanskrit, how to read, write and say basic letters and words,  and the meanings behind words and mantras. 

Cover Illustration by Jessica Kung-Dreyfus